About Us

A most trusted name in Printing since 1994…

We are one of the leading manufacturers of exclusive Calendars and Diaries and have been in the business for the last 20 years. We specialize in printing on any kind of material as per customer’s requirements. We closely listen to the customer and provide the best solution as per the customer specifications. What makes us so special is Client satisfaction, time bounded deliveries and the most competitive prices. All this is possible due to our organized way of working and the modern infrastructure employed. We have a customer friendly workforce with “State of the Art” technology.

We have a knack for innovation and are passionate about bringing in new features and products in the printing industry. We are the trend setter and the market leader in the printing domain due to our year on year research and innovation.


We have taken the Industry's demand for Fast delivery of Job work and Incorporated it into the way we think, execute and serve.

At Printman, we have a bold vision for the future. At the heart of our vision is the desire to provide innovative thinking and fast delivery to our customers to forge lasting partnerships.

Like a true partner, we listen. We want to understand where you are headed and support the focused strategy that will get you there. We use our insight and expertise to help you think through your options, making sure that no opportunity is missed and that every solution is aligned with your objectives.

In printing, time is money and fast delivery to market is the new bottom line. For Printman, speedy process is not simply a rate of motion; it is a state of being. We have taken the industry's demand for fast delivery and incorporated it into the way we think, execute and serve. We infuse a sense of urgency and momentum into everything we do from beginning to fulfillment and every step in between. Our equipment is among the fastest in the world; our processes are streamlined but thorough. We understand that speed keeps us ahead of the curve.


Printman’s staff and workers are constantly looking for continuous improvement to develop into an international first-class printing and communication enterprise, aiming at providing the customers with quality services, making contributions for promoting international culture and civilization, as well as enhancing the development of printing industry at home and abroad.

Our Experience

Using a consultative approach, we find ways to get you to market faster and with a better product. Over the past 20 years, we have gained a tremendous wealth of insight, knowledge and experience. Today, we use our intellectual capital to deliver a customer experience that is personal and professional.ForPrintman, teamwork is not only a concept but our method of conducting business.

All members of our team, from the CEO to the driver who delivers the finished product, are focused on doing their part to provide you with superior service. We invest a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources into creating a rich and rewarding customer experience based on versatility, flexibility and the capacity to deliver superior products and services. Our seasoned and knowledgeable staff is passionate about supporting you through every phase of the printing process at any time of the day or night. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions or tosolve a problem.

One of our greatest assets is our many decades of experience. We use our expertise to help you navigate through the many challenges inherent to this rapidly changing industry. Using a consultative approach that allows us to burrow deep into your process, we find ways to get you to market faster and with a better product. In other words, we don't simply find solutions for your printing needs; we find solutions for your business by presenting you with ways to integrate innovative, cost-effective and speed-sensitive solutions.

Management Policy

Printman Associates (P) Ltd. adopts an integrated management policy of "Value Customers First, Stressing on Quality and Efficiency, while stick to People-Oriented principle in the care for employees' Safety and Health and persist in Protection of Environment, in pursuit of Excellence".

We provide quality print products and services, as well as control the safety hazards and environmental impacts brought about by print processes, products and services, to comply with government's legal requirements, to excel in overall management and to cope with customers' requirements and expectation.

We value Customers First, to provide quality products and efficient services, as well as to safeguard customers' properties as well as to assurefor the confidentiality of security printing services,to the satisfaction of customers.

We stress on Quality and Efficiency, optimize resources, lower wastage, and continually improve on quality and delivery.

We are People-Oriented, and care for employees' interests and welfare, to promote coordination for business development.

We care for employees' Safety and Health, and control hazards caused by printing processes, to assume social responsibility.

We support the Protection of Environment, to optimize resources, and control environmental impacts from production and services.

We pursue for Excellence, and encourage teamwork, people involvement, support innovation and continuous improvement.

Our Pledge

We are committed to Superior Customer Service that continuously meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

We strive to maximize our Nationwide Resources to deliver high-quality products and services that fulfill our customers' needs quickly, effectively and efficiently.

We will invest in technology and training on behalf of our customers to meet their specific needs whether through adopting new systems or procedures, or by purchasing new state-of-the-art equipment or software.

We will maintain the highest quality standards in the printing industry, from prepress through fulfillment.